Press notes

"He plays with perfect intonation and beautiful and homogeneous sound throughout the whole tessitura, technical mastery and all the music by heart; she, with an opened piano lid, supported her musical colleague with personality."

José María Morate. El Norte de Castilla. May 2017

"Emotion and technique. Fermín Villanueva, a young talent of the cello, perfectly masters the technique and transmits the greatest feelings even to the simplest of phrases. His clean execution and control of the sound in each note makes the melodies come alive. His handling of the vibrato, weight of the bow in the bass notes and virtuoso agility in the high register go beyond the technical correction to transmit the affection of the works."

Eduardo Viñuela. La Nueva España. May 2017

"With the "Five popular Argentine songs" by Alberto Ginastera flowed Argentine folklore rhythms in the hall. Fermín Villanueva impressed us showing the wide range of possibilities of his instrument: the voluminous and velvety color of the bass as well as the brilliant, lyrical tenacity of a tenor. There were five movements full of charm and spirit, full of harmony and soul."

Peter Göthner. Leipziger Volkszeitung, March 2016

"A representation at the highest level. The young but already internationally recognized cellist as well as his virtuoso and award winning pianist, offered chamber music to the fineness, in which they interacted sensibly in an exemplary way, almost blindly understood. The performers reacted musically and technically on the same level offering continuously exciting dialogues."

Stephan Bülck. Nordfriesland Tageblatt, March 2016

"In addition, the premiere of the work Heremia for violoncello and piano by Jordi Cervelló. A very interiorized work, with a mystical reflection very felt, written with a language of great suitability for the cello that constituted one of the most rewarding moments of the concert.
Villanueva surprises us with a very beautiful sound, very round, by a great authority of technical resources that allow him to overcome without problems the great diversity of difficulties that were present in the program, besides to serve with sensitivity the expressive dimension demanded by the work of Cervelló."

Revista Musical Catalana, August 2015

"Standing ovations from the 650 guests at the 'Peace Concert'" "The second piece, Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor, op.85, was composed after the First World War. The horror caused by the cruelty of the War unabled temporary Elgar´s creativity. In 1918/19 got to compose de Concerto. Knell invited on the occasion to the Cellist Fermin Villanueva. It was not the first Concert of the young virtuoso in Wetzlar. With his solo interpretations caused ecstasy among the audience. Due to the enthusiastic applauses played Villanueva an encore."

Lothar Rühl. Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung, May 2015

"Skillfulness, sensibility and emotion on the cello."

Leticia Moreno. Diario de Navarra, December 2014

“Spanish fire, passion and talent. The 20-year old cellist Fermín Villanueva plays on the occasion of the Christmas celebration of the Peter-Degner-Foundation. At the Christmas celebration of the Peter-Degner-Foundation in the Serpentinsaal of the Fürstenhof he played in front of a selected audience and enchanted it with his exceptional skill and his warm and open personality."

Alexis Koplin. Infotvleipzig, November 2013

"Classic which moves us."

"A beautiful ‚music trail concert‘ at the old Johannisfriedhof."

"A successful opening night: The celebration of the music trail at the old Johannisfriedhof was an evening full of atmosphere with classical and beautiful ambience."

Mathias Orbeck. Leipziger Volkszeitung, July 2013

"He will become one of the greatest."

Peter Degner. Leipziger Volkszeitung, July 2013

"The delightful surprise was delivered by Fermín and his interpretation of the Gaspar Cassadó suite for cello solo. This is one of the most sophisticated works which was made accessible successfully and without problems and he provided a technical interpretation full of finesse, intonation and phrasing. The cellist was fantastic."

"During the op.99, No.2 for cello and piano, he truly reflected the character of the indivudual four sets: vivace, affetuoso, passionato and molto. The performer, born in Navarra is predicted to have a promising future. When it comes to the audience, he develops magnetism – something which is an unusual phenomenon, without any explanation – something which cannot be learned at university."

LV. Vañó. Diario de Menorca, July 2013

"During the first sonata of the cellist, he proved his careful preparation both technically and musically which enabled him to tackle this challenging sonata. His enthusiastic and convincing interpretation clearly demonstrated that there will be a promising future for the young Fermín Villanueva."

Francesc Félix Bosch. Menorca Culturàlia, July 2013